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Peru: Human Rights Violations Rampant as Fujimori Visits the US

Derechos Human Rights
Feb. 2, 1998


President Alberto Fujimori of Peru will be visiting the United States
February 4th and 5th, 1999.  His visit to Washington DC will include a
meeting with President Clinton on Feb. 5th.

Meanwhile, the human rights situation in Peru continues to be dismal.
Hundreds of innocent prisoners, sentenced to many years in jail by faceless
tribunals without regard to due process or evidence, endure inhumane
conditions in Peruvian prisons.  Freedom of the press has been under siege,
and journalists and others who have dared to report on human rights
violations by the government have been attacked in several ways.  The system
of justice enjoys little independence, and it is used by the government as
yet another tool of repression against its political "enemies," as killers
and torturers enjoy legal impunity for their crimes.

We urge you to take this opportunity to urgently write to President Clinton
and request that he express concern about the dismal human rights situation
in Peru with Fujimori.  Please ask President Clinton to demonstrate his
stated commitment to human rights and pressure Fujimori into complying with
Peru's international human rights obligations.   In particular, ask
President Clinton to

-Demand that the Peruvian government cease its persecution of BARUCH IVCHER,
dismiss all charges against him and members of his family, and return to him
the properties which the Peruvian government has unlawfully confiscated.
Mr. Ivcher was relieved of his Peruvian citizenship and lost control of the
TV station he owned, after he resisted threats from the Intelligence
Services to stop the news-magazine Contrapunto (Counterpoint) which was
broadcast on his TV station from airing programs denouncing human rights
violations committed by the armed forces and police, and the corruption and
abuses carried out by the Fujimori  government.  The persecution against Mr.
Ivcher also includes trumped-up criminal charges against him and members of
his family.  More information on the Ivcher case is available at

-Demand that Peru comply with the recommendations of the UN Committee for
Human Rights and international bodies by releasing all innocent prisoners
immediately and providing new trials for all those who were convicted by
military tribunals of treason and terrorism charges.  In particular,
President Clinton should bring up the situation of American journalist Lori
Berenson who was convicted of "treason" by a faceless tribunal. For more
information, see the UN Committee report on Peru
(http// and the Lori Berenson
webpage (http//

More Information on Peru is available at

Please write or call President Clinton at

Fax202-456-2461 (AttentionHelen, Agency Liaison 6)

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