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Peru: Internet campaign against journalists and politicians continues

 IFEX-News from the international freedom of expression community
 Internet campaign against journalists and politicians continues
 SOURCEInstitute for Press and Society (IPYS), Lima
 **Updates IFEX alert of 2 December 1998**
 (IPYS/IFEX) - On Tuesday 30 March 1999, statements attacking Baruch
Ivcher appeared on the Internet site of the organisation Association for
the Defense of the Truth (Aprodev, Asociacion Pro Defensa de la Verdad).
 Previously, defamations against journalists and politicians opposed to
the Fujimori regime had appeared on the Internet page.
 On Monday 5 April, the newspaper "Referendum", where some of Ivcher's
former colleagues are currently working, published a special report speculating
on the possible links between Aprodev and the National Intelligence Service
 (SIN, Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional). On 6 April, an official letter
 appeared in the "Expreso" newspaper. The letter was addressed to
 "Referendum" manager, Fernando Viana, and was signed by Aprodev's legal
 representative, Hector Ricardo Faisal. Faisal rejected the statements
made by "Referendum" and called for the newspaper to present concrete
proof supporting its allegation.
 In another part of his letter, Faisal states that "this whole matter is
 nothing more than a trap, with the obvious intention of creating a false
 impression that would afterwards be taken advantage of by the newspaper
to publish a slanderous, defamatory and malicious version."
 IPYS spoke with Ivan Garcia, "Referendum"'s assistant manager, who said
 "Faisal is apparently unaware of the Aprodev Internet page contents
focused on Peru. Whereas there is information available on Argentina, Germany,
 Chile, and other countries, he must not have seen the Peruvian content,
 which slandered and insulted Ivcher and others opposed to the current
 Garcia asked"What truth and quality information is Faisal boasting about,
 when everyone has seen the denigrating quality of the information on the
 Aprodev pages? Not only was this said in relation to the Ivcher case, as
 there is a long list of people opposed to the regime. How can Faisal try
to defend that which is indefensible?" Garcia emphasized"we can only suppose
 that this gentleman, who is apparently acting as Aprodev's spokesperson,
has demonstrated with his conduct that he endorses this negative content."
 If one looks at Aprodev Internet pages referring to other countries, one
 notes that Hitler's biography is on the Germany site, Pinochet's
biography is on the Chile site, and on the Argentinian site, there is
information on Almirante Macera, who was one of the generals involved in
serious human rights violations. This suggests Aprodev's political
 Garcia further stated"Aprodev has revealed its stance against the truth,
 against freedom of the press and expression, and its intolerance for
those who have a critical opinion of or disagree with the government, and
 particularly with SIN's modus operandi."
 Send appeals to authorities
 -asking for an investigation to determine if there is a relation between
the Aprodev Internet site and the SIN
 Alberto Fujimori Fujimori
 President of the Republic
 Lima, Peru
 Fax +51 1 426 6535
 Miguel Aljovin Swayne
 Attorney General
 Lima, Peru
 Fax +51 1 426 2474
 Jorge Santistevan de Noriega
 Lima, Peru
 Fax+51 1 426 6657
 Please copy appeals to the source if possible.
 For further information, contact Jorge Salazar Cussianovich or Jenny
Cabrera at IPYS, Las Mimosas 263, primer piso, Barranco, Lima, Peru, tel+511 2
 473308, fax+511 2 473194,
 The information contained in this action alert update is the sole
 responsibility of IPYS. In citing this material for broadcast or
 publication, please credit IPYS.

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