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Human Rights are generally respected in Australia. The country received a glowing human rights report from the US State Department last year. However, Australia is not without problems, the most pernicious of which seems to be the pervasive deaths of Aborigines when in custody by the Australian government. Over 100 aborigines have died in custody since 1989. Discrimination against aborigines is also systematic, their rates of arrest and misstreatment are several times larger than those for non-aborigines. Other problems in Australia have included the imprisonment of a political activist, and the passage of anti-gay legislation.


Report by the US State Department
For 1996
Too many open questions: Stephen Wardle's death in police custody
Amnesty International, Oct. 1996
Press Releases by Amnesty International
From 1996 on

Reports by International Bodies

Core Document on Australia
Facts about the country
Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

Human Rights Web Sites

Australian Human Rights Information Centre

Australian Human Rights and Civil Rights Papers
by Victor Perton - Australian Member of Parliament

Refugee Review Tribunal
Reviews individual decisions made by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs concerning refugees in Australia

Australasian Legal Information Institute
Legislation and Jurisprudence.
NSW Attorney General Office
NSW Anti-Discrimination Board

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