14 December 1972

UN General Assembly Resolution 2967 (XXVII)
Report of the Special Committee on Defining Aggression

General Assembly
Twenty-seventh Session
14 December 1972

Resolutions adopted on the reports of the Sixth Committee

2967 (XXVII). Report of the Special Committee on the Question of Defining Aggression

The General Assembly,

Having considered the report of the Special Committee on the Question of Defining Aggression on the work of its fifth session, held in New York from 31 January to 3 March 1972, |1|

Noting the progress so far achieved by the Special Committee in its consideration of the question of defining aggression and on the draft definition, as reflected in its report,

Considering that it was not possible for the Special Committee to complete its task at its fifth session,

Considering that in its resolutions 2330 (XXII) of 18 December 1967, 2420 (XXIII) of 18 December 1968, 2549 (XXIV) of 12 December 1969, 2644 (XXV) of 25 November 1970 and 2781 (XXVI) of 3 December 1971 the General Assembly recognized the widespread conviction of the need to expedite the definition of aggression,

Considering the urgency of bringing the work of the Special Committee to a successful conclusion and the desirability of achieving the definition of aggression as soon as possible,

Noting also the common desire of the members of the Special Committee to continue their work on the basis of the results achieved and to arrive with due speed at a draft definition in a spirit of mutual understanding and accommodation,

1. Decides that the Special Committee on the Question of Defining Aggression shall resume its work at Geneva, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 2330 (XXII), as early as possible after 1 April 1973;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to provide the Special Committee with the necessary facilities and services;

3. Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its twenty-eighth session the item entitled "Report of the Special Committee on the Question of Defining Aggression".

2109th plenary meeting
14 December 1972


1. Official Records of the General Assembly, Twenty-seventh Session, Supplement No. 19 (A/8719). [Back]

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Crime of Aggression
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