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'I cannot accept that Nisman killed himself'

Federal judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, late prosecutor Alberto Nisman's ex wife, rejected the suicide hypothesis, due to his former husband's personality.

"I cannot accept Alberto Nisman's suicide because of his personality, even lees with a gun involved," Arroyo Salgado said in an interview with Vorterix radio.

The judge gave details on the prosecutor's return to Argentina days before his death, interrupting a trip to Europe. She described it as "very tempestuous" and she said that both her and their two daughters found out that he was coming back to Buenos Aires on the same day that he flew back.

Arroyo Salgado spoke about yesterday's rally to honour her former husband, which she attended with her eldest daughter, Iara. "The need for the truth was what shocked me the most yesterday," she said. "It was very difficult but we wanted to be in yesterday's march."

[Source: Buenos Aires Herald, Bs As, 19Feb15]

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