List of the accused in the trial for "ideological infiltration" at the National Southern University (Universidad Nacional del Sur) in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

List of the accused in the trial for "ideological infiltration" at the National Southern University (Universidad Nacional del Sur) in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.


List given in the newspaper "La Nación" of August 5, 1976, p. 1: Economists: Heber Nazareno Tapatta, Luis Alberto Rodríguez, Anahí Rodríguez de Tapatta, Carlos Alberto Barrera, Miguel Angel Arias, Eduardo Alfredo Villamil, Dolio Heraclio Sfascia, Alberto Constante Barbeito, Horacio Ciafardini; Victor Manuel Schillizzi, bachelor in Literature, former academic secretary of the local branch of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional; Héctor Pistonessi Castelli, accountant; lawyers: Rafael Luis Laplaza and Víctor Benamo (former Rector); physician: Mario Carlos Aggio; social worker: Stella Maris Ramírez de Custodio; Mario Usabiaga, professor of Humanities, former Secretary of the Union of nonteaching staff; Hugo Reinaldo Sartison, printer, student.

List published in the newspaper "La Opinión" of November 13, 1976 p. 1: all the imprisoned mentioned in this list are former professors of the Humanities Department: Hugo Osvaldo Del Campo, Edgardo Arturo Trigo, Marta Natividad Pantano de Bosco, Daniel Villar, Félix Gustavo Schuster, Marcos Luis Isabal, Celia Taich de Rotstein, Ana Maria Pucciarelli. The last one was given parole shortly afterwards; Pantano de Bosco was freed in January; Isabal and Villar, in March.

Information published in "La Opinión" of November 28, 1976, p. 18: it is stated that in a police operation that was the "third stage" of an investigation "carried out in the local university area" thirty more persons have been implicated in "Marxist infiltration activities". It is not clear whether all of them have been arrested or some are wanted. They belonged to the local Bahía Blanca branch of the National Technological University, where a cell from the illegal Peronist Youth had been uncovered. The former Dean of the local branch, Juan Carlos Vila, had been arrested, and the former administrative secretary of the branch, Ernesto García, imprisoned since October 1975, was said to have acted as an accomplice. It was not stated whether the arrested were professors, students or members of the non-teaching staff.

Information obtained from other sources tells of the assassination of some twenty students of the local branch of the National Technological University (Facultad Regional de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional) who had been connected with the Peronist Youth.

On December 17 "La Opinión" (p. 10) reported that the accused Mario Carlos Aggio and Rafael Luis Laplaza had been acquitted by the Bahía Blanca federal judge of the accusations of having violated the Security Law (Number 20840) because, in Aggio's case, the accusations were not proved and in Laplaza's, because he had resigned from his job before the law was passed. It is known that Laplaza was arrested again the next day and that he is still in prison, and that Aggio left the country. It is not known whether Laplaza's arrest happened because of other charges or whether he was put "a disposición del Poder Ejecutivo", meaning under indefinite arrest without trial, a frequent practice used when the accused of a political offence is acquitted by a judge.


List of 8.5.76: Gustavo Malek, former Rector of the University and former Minister of Education, apparently the order for his arrest has been dropped; Roberto Domecq, former Rector of Universidad Nacional de Comahue; Augusto M. Pérez Lindo, former academic secretary of the University; Enrique Rubén Melchior, Bruno León Susani, Ernesto Aníbal Bilder, Juan Pedro Drisaldi, Víctor Morón, Gustavo Mosconi, Roberto Aníbal Sala, Alberto Mario Federico, Héctor Hércules Gambarotta, Jose Luis Coraggio, all of the Economics Department; José Carlos Chiaramonte, historian; Hugo M. Zilliani and Gregorio Díaz, members of the non teaching staff union.

List of 11.13.76: Mario Merlino, former academic secretary of the Humanities Department; Nora Francisca Barba, Eva Beatriz Ocampo, Oscar Rubén Bag, Jaime Rest, Myriam Hilda Najt, María Angélica Semilla, Ana María Damiani de Alvarez, Mario Sing Shuhan, María Elena Fasani, Lidia Esther Henales, Fructuosa de la Flor, Alicia Poloniatto, Sergio Tristán Giusti, María Bruzzo, María Rosa Balducci, Oscar Julio Galfre, Juan Carlos Garavaglia, Esther Beatriz Iglesias, Beatriz Folledo, Sonia Calderoni, Lucía Isabel Torres de Villanova, Lucio Iurman, Beatriz Thelma Sagarzazu, Cora Escolar, Héctor Alberto Alimonda; Duilio Biancucci (Catholic priest), all of the Humanities Department.

Ramifications of the Bahía Blanca trial:

In July 1976, simultaneously with the arrests in Bahía Blanca, the principal and six or seven teachers of a state high school in the town of Jacinto Aráuz, in La Pampa province, some 300 kilometers from Bahía Blanca, were arrested and charged with "ideological infiltration" ("La Nueva Provincia", Bahía Blanca, 7.19.76). Carlos Zamprón, principal of the high school, had held the job since October 1975, after having been fired from a similar job in a high school operated by the Universidad Nacional del Sur. He and three other high school teachers are still imprisoned in the Santa Rosa jail (Penal de Santa Rosa) in La Pampa province.

[Source: State Argentina Declassification Project (1975-1984), U.S. Department of State, 04 July 1978]

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