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Communiqué from indigenous organizations in support of the APG IG and rejecting the "alternative management" created by the Sub-Governor of O'Connor, Walter Ferrufino

Statement concerning the conduct of Don Justino Zambrana Cachari and the Sub- Governonr of the Province of O'Connor, Walter Ferrufino

The undersigend indigenous organizations wish to state publicly our express rejection of the conduct of Don Justino Zambrana Cachari and our view that his mandate should be revoked as a result of his actions against the interests of the Guaraní People and their organizations.

Given that his mandate is coming to an end it is no longer possible to present this argument before the electoral authorities, but we wish it to be known to the general public that we consider the conduct of Mr Justino Zambrana Cachari to be a grave violation of our uses and customs.

We recommend that all the Guarani organizations take the necessary measures to ensure that Justino Zambrana Cachari does not continue with his activities in representation of our people and that his conduct be stopped.

We further express our complete rejection of the actions of the Sub-Governor of O'Connor, Walter Ferrufino and of the creation of an "alternative management" to the legitimate and lawful authorities of the APG IG and therefore, with the original indigenous authority which is vested in us, we hereby reject as contrary to our uses and customs the group led by Hugo Arevayo, who is in any event an agent of the Sub-Governor. We therefore call on all the Guarani organizations to ignore this group and to support all the measures taken by the APG IG in application of original indigenous law and in defence of the interests of the Guarani people of the Original Community Territory of Itika Guasu (TCO Itika Guasu).

We also recommend that this statement be publicly distributed by all possible forms of media and that it be communicated to all the authorities, in particular to the Departmental Assembly of Tarija.

Tarija, 3rd June 2014

  • Assembly of the Guaraní People (APG) - Yakuigua, Jorge Mendoza
  • Assembly of the Guaraní People (APG Nacional), Board, Petrona Bruno, Vice-President
  • Indigenous Centre of the Amazon Region of Bolivia [Central Indígena de la Región Amazónica de Bolivia (CIRABO)], Edgar Arteaga
  • Continental Council of the Guaraní Nation [Consejo Continental de la Nación Guaraní], Celso Padilla
  • Co-ordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin [Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica] and CIDOB, Nelly Romero
  • Confederation of the Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia [Confederación de Pueblos Indígenas de Bolivia (CIDOB)], Adolfo Chávez
  • CIDOB Youth [Juventudes de la CIDOB], Tomás Candia
  • Head of Health of the APG Guaraní Nation, Teresa Eugenia
  • Head of the Secretariat of Natural Resources, Guaraní Nation, Roberto Quispe Rivera

Facsimile of the original statement:

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