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Abraham Espinoza, one of the kapangas of Walter Ferrufino, arrested in La Paz in flagrante delicto, now imprisoned in Chonchocorito

The children of Malinche

Abraham Espinoza is a prisoner in the section of the panopticon prison known as Chonchocorito in La Paz.

This section of the gaol is considered by prisoners to be VIP and a cell there can cost between US$3,000 and US$15,000 (based on 2009 rates). This shows that the racist organisation run by Walter Ferrufino looks after its members and has sufficient funds to do so.

Criminal and mafioso organizations usually protect their own prisoners and their families because this is the way to maintain "Omertà" in respect of the matters they are involved in.

Well-known figures such as Santos Ramírez and other criminals are also in this sector of the prison.

For further information about the operation of this prison, you can read the article "Cárcel de San Pedro está cada vez más 'vip' ("the Prison of San Pedro is increasingly VIP"), published by the newspaper El Deber de Santa Cruz de la Sierra in 2009.

The use of enormous sums of money is a characteristic of this group, it being widely known for example that Hugo Arebayo goes around the bars of the city of Entre Ríos with envelopes full of US$100 dollar bills, evidence that he is a "winner" and has the blessings of power.

The kapanga Hugo Arebayo, a racist leader, never tires of repeating that no-one will touch him because he is directly supported by President Evo Morales and by the Minister of Hydrocarbons.

[Source: By Irandey Tupapire, Correspondent of Radio Nizkor on indigenous matters, Tarija, 13Apr15]

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