For the Right to Peace and the Right to Live: Not to War.

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For the Right to Peace and the Right to Live: Not to War.

Notwithstanding the answer of millions of people in manifestations for peace this last month in different cities around the world, once again humankind is in danger. Chile is also present. The construction of a world ruled by norms and values that shall allow the international harmonious relations, such as the United Nations System, is about to collapse.

In front of the attack to the essential notions of the United Nations Systems, such as the Universal Bill of Human Rights, the International Agreements and Pacts signed and ratified by the Nations, we reaffirm and call upon the International Right as a world protection instrument that rules and controls the behavior of the Governments in favor of the people and the families.

The main responsible for this crisis, though not the only one, is the present government of the United States of America, leaded by George Bush, since it has chosen the path of war even though there are other ways. Actually, his aim is to take possession of the world´s second oil reserve and to strengthen the imperial domination of the United States based in its economic and military hegemony.

In doing so, Bush does not hesitate to:

  • Undermine the civil rights system in his own nation, thus generating an insecurity and fear atmosphere among his fellow citizens, who have turned out to be internal victims.
  • Subordinate Europe, debating their democratic and integration process and their option for peace at the United Nations, specially France and Germany, with the support of Russia and China.
  • Place under pressure Chile and Mexico, the two Latin American governments members of the Security Council of the United Nations.

As it has lately been repeatedly pointed out, it seems that the commercial negotiations have determined alliances and politic bonds with the imperial politics: that is the case of the purchase of war airplanes or the recent signature of the FTA Chile-United States. We state that this shows a deep inconsistency with the democratic and ethic body of principles that was risen from the most extended sectors in order to end with the dictatorial regime.

The nation has a memory, however; in the name of the values risen against the dictatorship State of terrorism, today we rise again. Just as in those days, and with the strength of the nations of the world, we admonish to strongly express the repudiation to the war politics. Also as in those days, this NO answer is a categorical affirmation to the nations right to live, right to have peace, democracy and self-determination.

We reassert our integration vocation among the nations of the world and we express our commitment in the fight against the empire fratricidal politics. Should this "preventive war" unilateral action be completed, the great victim shall be the Iraqui people with their old people, their women and children.

Today, the International Women Day, we would like to remember that the women and the children don´t make war, but they suffer from it. Thinking about them, here we are women and men gathered together to demand that the ones who hold the power respect the right to life and the right to have peace of all the countries of the world, including the Iraqui nation.

Hence, we call upon the Chilean government to honor the commitment of the Nation with the Democracy, with the International Right and with the cause of Peace. As several social, political and cultural expressions have demonstrated: Chile must choose for Peace; an abstention in the Security Council is equivalent to support the war.

Chile must vote for Peace in the United Nations Security Council, since this organism was established to protect and to contribute to a stable peace in the planet.

Peace Platform; Acción Ecológica; Agrupación de Emergencias Radiales; Agrupación Defendamos La Ciudad; Aporte Colectivo Independiente - AKI; Alianza Chilena por un Comercio Justo, Ético y Responsable - ACJR; (IEP, Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe de Consumer´s International; CONADECUS, Red Interamericana de Derechos Humanos-Chile; Odecu; REMTE; APILA; RIGC; Somos Iglesia Chile; AMERINDIA; Amnistía Internacional - Chile; Asambleas Populares Pro Foro Social - Chile; Asociación de Jóvenes por Palestina; Asociación Chilena de ONGs, ACCION; Attac-Chile; CENCODEL; Centro de Estudios de la Mujer; Centro de Investigaciones de Desarrollo Local - CIDEL; Central Autónoma de Trabajadores - CAT; Centro de Investigaciones de Desarrollo Local; Centro Ecuménico Diego de Medellín; CEFEM; Centro Metropolitano de Voluntarios -NOS+OTROS; Chile Sustentable; Comité de Refugiados Peruanos en Chile; Confederación de Trabajadores Bancarios; Confederación de Trabajadores Metalúrgicos - CONSTRAMET; Coordinadora 8 de Marzo ( 70 organizaciones mujeres de Santiago); Colectivo Araucaria; Colegio de Enfermeras de Chile; Colegio de Periodistas de Chile - Consejo Nacional; Colegio de Profesores de Chile, A.G; Colegio Médico - capítulo Santiago.; Corazones Fraternos; Corporación Ciudadana y Justicia; Corporación de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo-CODEPU; Corporación La Caleta; Corporación Metodista Pentecostal Universal; Corporación Kairos; Derechoshumanos.cl/Noalaguerra.cl; Eduk; Escuela Libre de los de Abajo; Federación Metropolitana de Uniones Comunales - FEMUC; Federación Palestina de Chile; Foro de la Sociedad Civil de Chile; Foro Red de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos; Foro Republicano; Foro Social Mundial Chile; Frente por la Vida y la Acción Solidaria; Fuerza Social Democrática; Colegio de Profesores de Chile; AG; Agrupación Nacional de Empleados Fiscales, ANEF; CONSTRAMET; Confederación Minera de Chile; Amnistía Internacional-Chile; Revista Punto Final; Isis - Internacional; Fundación CREDHO; Iglesia Católica Ortodoxa, Patriarcado de Antioquia - Chile; Inquietando desde el margen; Instituto de Ecología Política - IEP; Juventud del Partido por la Democracia, PPD; Juventudes Palestinas; Juventud Socialista de Chile; La Morada; Liga Internacional de Mujeres por la Paz; Movimiento Aquí La Gente; Movimiento Pro Emancipación de la Mujer chilena - MEMCH; Movimiento de Objeción de Conciencia Ni Casco Ni Uniforme; Movimiento de Recuperación Gremial del Magisterio; Organización Cruz Melo; Partido Socialista de Chile; Prisma de los Andes; Programa acceso a la Justicia; Red Internacional Género y Comercio - RIGC Chile; Red Nacional de Acción Ecológica, Renace; Red por la Cultura de Paz, el Desarrollo y la Seguridad Humana; Revista Reflexión y Liberación; Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ - Chile); Somos Iglesia - Chile; Unión General Estudiantes Palestinos - UGEP; Unión Vecinal 7; Unión Vecinal 24; Vicaría Pastoral Social.

Santiago de Chile, marzo de 2003.
[Traducción al inglé: Alianza Chilena por un Comercio Justo, Etico y Responsable, ACJR]

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