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Jeremy Corbyn calls for Brexit process to begin urgently as Labour MPs call for him to resign

Jeremy Corbyn has provoked a furious backlash from Labour MPs after calling on the Government to immediately start the process of withdrawing from the European Union.

The Labour leader said that Article 50 needs to be "invoked now" in response to the EU referendum result because "many communities are fed up with cuts and economic dislocation.

Labour MPs, who repeatedly warned that Mr Corbyn was failing to do enough during the referendum campaign, said he was "absolutely crazy".

It comes after a leaked Labour script claimed that Jeremy Corbyn is "uniquely placed as a critical Remainer" to help unify Britain in the wake of the referendum.

This morning he rejected reports that MPs are blaming him for the defeat, claiming: "I can't believe there's any attacks on me personally on a day like this"

His comments led to accusations that he is "delusional" and led to open calls for him to quit.

Mr Corbyn said: "Article 50 needs to be invoked now. Many communities are fed up with cuts and very angry. The message is that many communities are fed up with cuts and economic dislocation.

"Clearly there are very difficult days ahead. There will be job consequences."

One Labour MP told the Telegraph: "Corbyn has to go. The referendum proved he is worse than even his worse critics said he would be.

"Even people who supported him have seen he is not up to it. He can't motivate Labour voters, let alone persuade anyone else.

"He can't handle a campaign or even manage to get a message across in an interview. But it is not just that he is incompetent and not up to the job: he has no ideas beyond the vacuous slogans he repeats.

"He hasn't set out a single serious policy since he became leader and the views he does have - like on immigration and free movement - are diametrically opposed to the public's."

MPs reacted furiously after receiving a 6am briefing from the Leader's Office which instructed them to tell the media that Mr Corbyn had showed he is "far closer to the centre of gravity of the British public" than other politicians.

The briefing read: "He is now the only politician who can unite a divided country, as he can speak to both sides."

Mr Corbyn has repeatedly been accused of failing to galvanize support among the Labour Party's core voters and to convert them into Remainers.

Earlier this week Mr Corbyn insisted that he would not take the blame if Britain leaves the European Union despite accusations from his own MPs that he has failed to do enough to support the campaign.

The Labour leader, who is a lifelong eurosceptic, admitted that "there may well be" a vote to leave the European Union and said that "whatever the result we've got to work with it".

During the election campaign it was revealed as many as half of Labour supporters didn't know what Labour's position was on the EU referendum.

Mr Corbyn said:"I'm not going to take blame for people's decision. Obviously I'm hoping there's going to be a Remain Vote but there may not. Whatever the result that is the result of the referendum and we've got to work with it."

His comments, during a Sky News debate with a young audience, came just a day after he said that there can be "no upper limit" to immigration if Britain votes to stay in the European Union.

Reacting to Britain's decision to leave the EU, MPs have been quick to criticize their leaders "mediocre" campaign really and his failure connect with the Party's core voters in the North.

It came as Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, accused Mr Corbyn of "utter spinelessness" for not having done more to encourage Labour voters to reject a Brexit vote.

Taking aim at both Mr Corbyn and the Prime Minister he said: "This self-inflicted wound will be Cameron's legacy," he said.

"This is his failing. And when the call went out to Jeremy Corbyn, he refused to answer.

"Their self-interested political manoeuvring has taken our country to the brink, and we are toppling over the edge."

[Source: By Steven Swinford Laura Hughes, The Telegraph, London, 24Jun16]

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