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University of Graz rejects Sputnik V vaccination certificates

The University of Graz has described as a mistake its own decision to accept vaccination certificates showing that a person was inoculated with Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus jab along with other shots recognized in EU as sufficient to be allowed to attend classes. Instead, Russian students who had Sputnik V doses are instructed to provide a note proving that they have COVID-19 antibodies. The university told TASS that nobody had pressured the institution to change its position on the Russian vaccine.

On Wednesday, the University of Graz became the first in Austria to announce that it would accept Sputnik V certificates, which was additionally confirmed by a university spokesperson to TASS. However, the higher education institution changed its position and its representatives asked TASS to publish the updated information.

"Unfortunately, we have to reject the information presented in the morning about the Sputnik V vaccine. This jab is not on the list of vaccines that are recognized as a confirmation of low epidemiological risk in Austria in the current order on entry during COVID-19 in 2021," the university spokesperson noted. "The students who were inoculated with Sputnik V must present the necessary proof through another means, for example, by confirming their antibody status."

At the same time, the university at the same time claims that it was not pressured to reverse the initial decision. "We made a mistake ourselves. We were focusing on the order on rules of entry into Austria which, as it turns out, did not have Sputnik V," the spokesperson added.

[Source: Tass, Vienna, 22Sep21]

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