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Bundestag MP slams requirements to abandon Nord Stream 2 irrational

Germany needs the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline since it can stabilize gas prices, and the requirements, particularly by the Ukrainian side, to abandon the project are irrational, German Bundestag Deputy from the party ‘Alternative for Germany’ Steffen Kotre said in response to TASS request.

"The requirements of the Ukrainian ambassador to deconstruct a ready pipeline, which is so much needed, are simply irrational. This is specifically meddling into the affairs of a third party," he said, adding that such statements made by the Ukrainian ambassador "cast a shadow on the international reputation" of Germany.

Kotre also suggested that after the pipeline is commissioned, the situation on the EU’s gas market will stabilize. "The commissioning of Nord Stream 2 will definitely contribute to the stabilization of gas prices," he said, noting that the German government is currently abandoning the coal and nuclear policy, and "the torpedoing of gas projects" amid this background cannot meet the country’s interests.

Ukrainian Ambassador Andrey Melnik said earlier that Europe and the US should take strict preventive measures against Moscow, with the abandonment of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline being one of the options.

Nord Stream 2 situation

Secretary-General of Germany’s ruling party, Social Democratic Party (SPD), Kevin Kuehnert spoke against linking the issue of Nord Stream 2 with political differences with Russia in an interview with Reuters, saying that at some stage of this discussion the parties will come to peace in the political and juridical sense.

To start pumping gas, Nord Stream 2’s operator has to obtain the green light from the German regulator. On November 16, the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) suspended the procedure to certify Nord Stream 2 AG, which is based in Zug (Switzerland), as an independent transmission operator due to organizational and legal issues. The regulator noted that the certification procedure would remain suspended until the main assets and human resources were transferred to the ownership of its German subsidiary

The construction of Nord Stream 2 was fully completed on September 10, 2021. The works were initially planned to be completed by the end of 2019, though the construction was postponed due to the US’ sanctions. The Nord Stream 2 project envisages the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 bln cubic meters per year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on December 29 that Russia and its partners had fulfilled their task of creating Nord Stream 2, adding that it is for Europeans to decide upon it now. The Russian leaders noted that the pipeline was ready for work. Once the partners in Europe make a decision on it then additional volumes of the Russian gas will be pumped into it, Putin said. He also expressed confidence that the launch of Nord Stream 2 would facilitate a decline in gas prices in Europe.

[Source: Tass, Berlin, 12Jan22]

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