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Siemens wants to return Nord Stream turbine from Canada to Europe as soon as possible

Germany's Siemens said on Sunday it wants to deliver a turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Canada to the site of operation as soon as possible after all the formalities are settled.

It said in a press statement that Canada's political decision is a necessary and important step towards the turbine's delivery. Siemens specialists are taking efforts to settle all the formalities and logistics issues.

Canada's authorities said earlier that they would return the turbine to Europe after repairs, having made an exemption from the sanctions. The decision was taken after negotiations with Germany, which had to receive less gas due to Canada's sanctions against Russia.

Russia's gas giant Gazprom said on June 14 it had been forced to cut planned gas supplies via Nord Stream because Siemens was delaying the return of a gas pumping unit from repairs and technical malfunctions of the engines. Siemens said it was impossible to return one of the Nord Stream's turbines to Germany after repairs in Montreal because of Canada's anti-Russian sanctions.

As a result, only three units were used to pump gas at the Portovaya compressor station and gas throughput via the pipeline amounted to only 40% of its capacity. Hence, gas supplies to Germany reduced dramatically.

[Source: Tass, Berlin,10Jul22]

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