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Siemens turbine for Nord Stream pipeline shipped from Canada to Germany -- report

The Siemens turbine has been shipped from the maintenance facility in Canada to Germany by plane, and is expected to arrive in Russia on July 24, Kommersant reported Monday citing sources close to the situation.

The repaired turbine, used to supply gas via the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany, is being delivered by plane instead of by sea, as was planned initially. The turbine will then be shipped by a ferry and delivered to Russia through Finland by land.

According to Kommersant, the gas piping equipment should begin working in early August, considering the time necessary for installation procedure. The newspaper was not able to obtain a commentary from either Siemens Energy or Gazprom.

Following numerous requests from Germany, Canada decided to return the repaired Siemens turbine on July 9. The European Commission claimed that this will not violated EU sanctions, because they do not cover gas shipment equipment.

[Source: Tass, Moscow, 18Jul22]

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