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Start of gas supplies via Nord Stream 2 depends on German regulator — MFA

The timing of the commencement of commercial supplies via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline depends on the German regulator; the Russian Federation hopes that millions of European consumers will be able to receive Russian gas in the near future, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday.

The diplomat recalled that the construction of one of the world's largest energy infrastructure facilities is about to be completed.

"It is now clear to everyone, including, by the way, opponents of Nord Stream 2, who desperately opposed the construction, that it is simply impossible to stop it and it is time to stop hampering this important project, the time has come to agree on reasonable, mutually beneficial parameters for the operation of the gas pipeline," she said.

"The timing of the start of commercial supplies depends on the position of the German regulator. We expect that millions of European consumers will soon be able to receive Russian gas via the shortest, most economical and environmentally friendly route. The carbon footprint of gas transportation through Nord Stream 2 is more than five times lower in comparison with alternative routes, this is known. All documents on this account have already been provided," the diplomat said.

Energy security for decades

Zakharova stressed that, strategically, Nord Stream 2 will strengthen Europe's energy security for decades to come. She recalled that the gas pipeline was built using the latest technologies and meets all internationally recognized standards.

"For many years we explained, answering questions, responding to criticism and combatting fake narratives, that Nord Stream 2 is a purely economic project, and Russia has no plans to use it for any other purpose. We sincerely hope that Nord Stream 2 will cease to be the subject of all sorts of political speculations, bogus stories, information campaigns, a pretext for illegal restrictive measures and will vanish from such a confrontational agenda altogether," the diplomat added.

"Taking into account that the largest European energy companies took part in financing the project and hundreds of European companies were involved in the Nord Stream 2 as contractors, just like with its predecessor Nord Stream 1, it is a positive example of a mutually beneficial partnership between Russia and Europe, which we are ready to build on the principles of respect for interests and mutual benefit," the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

"We really want Europeans, residents of various countries, cities of Europe to really hear us, because so many times they have become victims of their media, which distorted the data and, unfortunately, were engaged in playing along with the information campaigns that were carried out by the relevant lobbying structures," Zakharova noted.

According to her, Russia very much hopes that the people of Europe "will hear, understand and really realize that they are receiving real benefits from this joint international project."

Gas transit through Ukraine

The diplomat also reiterated that Russia is ready to continue gas transit through the territory of Ukraine, this is a commercial issue.

"As for attempts to link the beginning of the normal functioning of Nord Stream 2 with other topics, we, firstly, continue to view them as examples of absolutely illegal politicization of energy cooperation, which fundamentally contradicts market principles. Secondly, and this was said by the Russian President at a meeting with the Federal Chancellor of Germany, we are ready to continue gas transit through Ukraine, but this issue is purely commercial. It depends on many factors, including the volume of future European purchases and the competitiveness of alternative routes," the diplomat said.

[Source: Tass, Moscow, 09Sep21]

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