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‘Unacceptable’: China blasts US politicization of Russian gas deliveries to EU

 Beijing opposes Washington’s politicization of gas supplies from Russia to the European Union, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing on Monday.

"Everyone is fully aware that the project on delivering gas from Russia to the EU via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is mutually beneficial. <...> It will help to resolve the complicated energy situation in the European Union," he said. "The US seeks to monopolize Europe’s energy market <...> they are using all possible methods in order to hinder the implementation of the corresponding projects acting against the interests of Russia and the EU, and against Russian-European cooperation. Such actions by Washington are completely unacceptable," the spokesman said.

According to the diplomat, the United States is "driven exclusively by its own interests and attempts to politicize all corresponding issues." According to him, the American authorities are pushing a deliberate policy of exerting pressure on Russian energy projects in Europe.

"Thus, the US pursues its own geopolitical interests. The United States can attack even its own allies and partners," he added.

As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on October 8, Washington is attempting to undermine cooperation between Russia and the EU in the energy sphere. According to the Russian top diplomat, the Biden administration "has been putting completely powerful pressure" on Brussels forcing it to forego Russian energy carriers and as an alternative offered to build terminals for the supplies of US’ natural liquefied gas.

[Source: Tass, Beijing, 11Oct21]

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