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Gas reserves record low in European, Ukrainian UGS — Gazprom

Gas reserves in underground gas storages (UGS) of Europe and Ukraine are record low, Gazprom said on Monday.

"The level of reserves in European UGS moved to the area of record minimums since January 11, 2002, throughout long-term observations. Reserves were 1.85 bln cubic meters lower than the minimal indicator as of this date on January 22," Gazprom said.

As of January 22, the active gas volume in European storages was 26% lower (14.9 bln cubic meters smaller) than last year. Withdrawal reached 71.8%, or 34.3 bln cubic meters, the company said, citing data of Gas Infrastructure Europe.

Gas filling of Ukrainian UGS is also at minimal levels, Gazprom noted.

"It dropped to 12.1 bln cubic meters as of January 22. This is 44.6% (by 9.7 bln cubic meters) lower than in the last year and 3.2 bln cubic meters below the injection starting date in April 2021. Reserves in Ukraine’s UGS have already declined lately below 12 bln cubic meters, Gazprom said.

[Source: Tass, Moscow, 24Jan22]

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