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Letter from Gonzalo de las Heras, Director General of Santander Group in the US, asking the Managing Director of Westwood Capital LLC to bring Judge Gazon's invitation to Michael Chertoff's attention

Grupo Santander
Gonzalo de Las Heras
Director General

July 20, 2005
Mr. Rick Petree
Managing Director
Westwood Capital, LLC
489 Fifth Avenue, 33rd floor
New York, NT 10017

Dear Rick,

Judge Baltasar Garzón, who has led the courts battle against terrorism and organized crime in Spain (most notoriously he indicted Pinochet and tried to gain his extradition from the UK), occupies now the King Juan Carlos I of Spain chair at NYU. The university is organizing a series of panels on different aspects of Spain's achievements and challenges today. Both Richard Foley, Dean of Arts and Science, and Garzón would like to have Michael Chertoff's participation in the panel described in the attached program. I understand that the Spanish minister of defense and the Secretary General of the OAS have already accepted. Grupo Santander is funding this NYU project.

I would appreciate if you could explain this to Michael Cherloff and see if he is free on that date and willing to participate.

Thank you for your hep.
Warm regards,


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