Georgian army prospers at expense of western friends

Tbilisi has already sent some 20 trucks with soldiers, 3 infantry fighting vehicle, 3 missile launch pads and artillery pieces to South Ossetia.

The Georgian army prospers at the expense of western friends, Izvestia daily reports.

Most of Georgian officers were trained in the U.S. or Turkey. The country's military expenses increased by 30 times during past four years, making 9-10 per cent of the GDP. The defense budget has reached $1 billion.

U.S. military grants to Georgia total $40,6 million.

NATO member states, including Turkey and Bulgaria, supplied Georgia with 175 tanks, 126 armored carriers, 67 artillery pieces, 4 warplanes, 12 helicopters, 8 ships and boats. 100 armored carriers, 14 jets (including 4 Mirazh-2000) fighters, 15 Black Hawk helicopters and 10 various ships are expected to be conveyed soon.

[Source: PanArmenian.net, 08Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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