Georgian official says "Tskhinvali almost surrounded"

Georgian units have "almost surrounded Tskhinvali...," Georgian State Minister for Reintegration Temuri Yakobashvili stated here on Friday.

Yakobashvili, in a live broadcast by the Tbilisi-based Rustavi-2 television company, confirmed the reports by local television channels that "another five villages in the conflict zone, which earlier were under Tskhinvali's control, have been taken by Georgia."

Yakobashvili said the situation in the conflict zone was difficult, noting "intensive shooting" near the village of Tkviavi.

Until August 8, 2008, more than half of the territory of the South-Ossetian autonomous region, including villages close to Tskhinvali, were under Georgia's control, the rest was controlled by Tskhinvali.

With five more South Ossetian villages passing under Georgia's control on Thursday night, Tbilisi now holds sway over some two-thirds of South Ossetia's territory.

[Source: Itar Tass, Tbilisi, 08aug08]

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