Georgian Forces Capture Five Villages

Georgian troops have forced South Ossetian militiamen from the five villages in the vicinity of the breakaway region’s capital Tskhinvali, Temur Iakobashvili, the Georgian state minister for reintegration, told Rustavi 2 TV at 3:10am local time on August 8.

According to the Georgian side it controls the villages of Didmukha, Mugut, Okona, Atotsi and Dmenisi.

Earlier on August 8, Mikheil Mindzaev, the breakaway region’s interior minister, confirmed that the villages of Didmukha and Mugut were captured by the Georgian forces.

Temur Iakobashvili also said that situation remained "very tense" and also added that Tskhinvali "is now besieged."

"But our goal is not capture or besiege towns; our goal is to stop fire," he said. "So we again state that we are ready for a dialogue."

He also said that it was inappropriate and "amoral" to argue about the format of the talks now, when "people are dying."

[Source: Civil Georgia, Tbilisi, 08Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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