Georgians surround Tskhinvali

The storming of the South Ossetian capital is taking place in all directions, reports the website of the South Ossetian Information Committee.

"Shelling of Tskhinvali is increasing from all types of large-calibre weapons. The storming is taking place in all directions," informs the website.

Meanwhile, a REGNUM correspondent reports from the conflict zone that Georgian artillery troops are firing at governmental and residential buildings in central Tskhinvali.

According to the correspondent, every minute several dozens shells are exploding in the city. There are no reports of casualties or damage, as people cannot get out of their underground shelters.

Earlier, Georgia confirmed its intention to solve the Georgian-Ossetian conflict by force.

In particular, the Commander of the Peacekeeping Operation of the Georgian Armed Forces Mamuka Kurashvili announced that the Georgian side "launched an operation to bring constitutional order to Tskhinvali area."

At the present moment, Georgian troops continue firing from howitzers, mortars, Grad multiple launch rocket systems and large-calibre artillery.

[Source: Regnum, Moscow, 07Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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