Military Battles Continue on Both Fronts in Georgia

The President of the self-proclaimed independent Republic of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh declared Sunday that he was sending a new troop of 1,000 soldiers from the Abkhazian special task forces to the Kodor Valley, as announced by leading world information agencies.

The Abkhazian forces are assigned with pushing the Georgian army out of the Valley, which is the only Abkhazian territory controlled by the Georgians.

Abkhazia attempted to secede from Georgia at the same time South Ossetia did in 1990-92, however, it has not received any international recognition. Earlier Sunday, the Russian aviation had bombarded a military airport near the Georgian capital Tbilisi, as announced by the Secretary of the Georgian Security Council Aleksandr Lomaya.

Latest information about the withdrawal of the Georgian forces from South Ossetia has proven controversial. Some official Georgian sources have stated for world media outlets that all armed forces would be withdrawn while others have explained that the troops have only left the capital of South Ossetia Tskhinvali, but were relocating to other areas in South Ossetia.

In the light of the controversial information about the Georgian armed forces' withdrawal, the Georgian government announced that during the last several hours 10,000 additional Russian troops have entered Georgian territory.

A Russian military source, cited by the Russian Information Agency "Novosti" has declared that Russian military ships have entered Georgian territorial waters.

Another source has confirmed that Russia was starting a sea siege of Georgia to prevent military deliveries for the country by the way of the sea.

In the same time the Russian ITAR-TASS Agency has announced that the armed battle for Tskhinvali has been resumed. Eyewitnesses report hearing loud rumble from military airplanes and artillery fire in the area.

[Source: Sofia News Agency, Sofia, 10Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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