UN, EU, USA, OSCE, NATO Move to Mediate Georgia-South Ossetia Crisis

A joint mission of the European Union, the United States, NATO, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is going to arrive in Georgia Saturday night in order to try to help achieve a ceasefire agreement in the armed conflict between Georgia and South Ossetian and Russian forces.

The news was announced by the UK Defense Secretary Des Browne. The delegation includes in the British emissary for the southern Caucasus Bryan Fall.

The mission has been coordinated in talks between the UK Foreign Secretary David Milliband and the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vladimir Ogrizko is also going to arrive in Georgia on a ceasefire mission.

The fifteen members of the UN Security Council are also going to tackle the topic about the violence in Georgia during an unofficial meeting.

NATO representatives have called for direct negotiations between the sides in the conflict in order to achieve a ceasefire but on the condition that Georgia's territorial integrity would remain unquestionable.

[Source: Sofia News Agency, 09Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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