Medical supplies to Kosovo Serbs blocked again

Trucks carrying medical supplies to Serbs in central Kosovo have been blocked for the past 15 days.

The trucks were stopped in customs in southern Kosovska Mitrovica, despite an agreement in principle made during a previous such crisis to enable humanitarian deliveries of medicines to the Serb health institutions.

Director of the Gračanica health center Radmila Trajković said the minister of health in the government in Priština is aware of the procedure agreed upon with the World Health Organization, WHO.

This procedure specifies that each delivery of medical supplies to the Serb enclaves in the province must be released within 48 hours, therefore, the minister is ignoring his obligations, she said.

No UNMIK or Priština-based government officials would today comment on the latest developments.

The situation in the pharmacies in central Kosovo is becoming alarming, with extremely low supplies, while Trajković has appealed on "tolerance and reason, professional and medical ethics and solidarity" from the Priština institutions.

This is the sixth time that deliveries of medical supplies to the Serb areas have been blocked since the Kosovo Albanians unilaterally declared independence in February.

[Source: B92, Pristina, 28Aug08]

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