Volunteers arriving in South Ossetia

Volunteers are arriving in South Ossetia to offer help in the event of Georgian aggression, Dmitry Medoyev, a South Ossetian presidential envoy, has said.

"Volunteers are arriving already, primarily from North Ossetia.

"Ossetians are one nation and one culture," Medoyev said at a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

Russian regions in the North Caucasus, and Russian Cossacks have demonstrated readiness to support South Ossetia, he said. "We have received offers of help from the North Caucasus and from the Cossacks in southern Russia," Medoyev said.

"But Tskhinvali will count on its own forces in the first instance. We have armed forces of our own," he said.

A guerilla war will begin in the event of Georgian aggression against South Ossetia, and South Ossetia will launch a railway warfare against Georgia, Medoyev said.

"We will watch how Georgia will manage to fulfill its oil transit obligations then," said Medoyev.

[Source: Interfax, Moscow, 05Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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