"It's necessary to suppress emphatically these volley plants, the armor-piercing techniques and all those instruments of murder that shoot at the peace town"

At this moment a massive, intense, extremely cruel shelling of residential housing blocks in the capital city of Tskhinvali from howitzers, mortars, artillery, IFVs [infantry fighting vehicles] and tanks, with salvos of Grad missiles against villages continues at intervals of less than one second.

This information was provided by the chief of the information department of the South Ossetian party of the Control Committee Inal Pliev.

Here is the entire text:

There are the hits to houses situated in the immediate region of the border.

There is fire and smoke all around us.

The intimidation and oppression of South Ossetia's peaceful population continues.

I suppose that the number of the victims will increase substantially.

But I have estimates concerning the number of victims, because we are all in shelters.

Just now [Georgian President Mikheil] Saakashvili has declared on the radio that "we have gained a victory over the Russian Federation and Georgian troops are in the conflict zone and control Tskhinvali totally and the Ossetian separatists will be obliterated".

He also said of the victims on the Ossetian public's side (1,500 persons), "I don't fight against the peaceful population, but with the gangsters".

But in such a small nation 1,500 gangsters can't exist.

It's obvious that this was said to derive political dividends.

This war isn't directed at a political victory, it is directed at the total destruction of the peaceful nation.

Currently, it is known that in the villages that have been occupied and that are now liberated the Georgians have taken away Ossetian hostages.

International terrorists that had taken part in the war in Chechnya are fighting on the Georgian side.

It's especially disturbing that the Georgian side hides the huge number of hostages from Ossetian villages.

This signifies that they will be creully killed as was done earlier during the previous conflicts.

I think that it was wise of Russia to provide safety for the civilian population, by talking with the Georgians in their native language - war.

But the Russian assistance is not enouth, because the Georgians used heavy artillery against Tskhinvali yesterday and today too.

It`s necessary to destroy that artillery, because our people are dying, owr capital is practically broken to pieces.

Otherwise South Ossetia will be totally destroyed.

[Source: Inal Pliev, the chief of the information department of the South Ossetian part of the Control Committee, The State Committee on Information and Press of the Republic of South Ossetia, 09Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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