Maestro Gergiyev and his orchestra to give concert in Tskhinval

World famous symphony orchestra conductor Valery Gergiyev will conduct the Maryinsky Symphony Orchestra that is giving a concert in the central square in Tskhinval on Thursday evening. All the people in the ruined Tskhinval will be able to enjoy music by celebrated Russian composers Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky tonight.

The orchestra arrived accompanied by a huge luggage of 140 tons. The orchestra was airlifted from St. Petersburg to Vladikavkaz and then was brought in heavy trucks to South Ossetia. There are stage decorations, stage lights and a moveable theater seating 500 among the orchestra’s belongings.

The concert will be held on the background of the ruined building of the South Ossetian government that collapsed hit by Georgian guns. Nonetheless, the Russian, Abkhazian and Ossetian state flags removed from under the ruins have been fluttering in the wind today.

People in Tskhinval are optimistic and elated as they are looking forward to tonight's concert by their world famous countryman. “Valery Gergiyev’s generous move is not only an act of commemoration of the dead and a gift to the living, but this is an important voice calling to tell the world the truth about genocide of the Ossetian people. The voice of the man recognized all over the world cannot be missed," said Tamara Kelekhsayeva, a woman from Tskhinval who survived the Georgian aggression.

[Source: Itar Tass, Tskhinval, 21Aug08]

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