US Aims At Russia When Deploying Its ABM System In Europe

Washington claims its decision to expand its US ABM global system has been prompted by a hypothetical nuclear missile threat by the so-called rogue nations. But Moscow has from the outset insisted that the claims were far-fetched and that the US seeks to attain altogether different objectives. In any event, action on these plans will drastically lower the level of international security and confidence. Warsaw seems to have taken this its own way and made its agreement to deploying the US ABM base conditional on the US pledge to provide Poland with a 96-missile antiaircraft battery Patriot-2, as well as with the US assistance in updating the Polish Army.

Incidentally, the US wants to deploy the Patriot batteries in the very place where the antimissile shield is due to be deployed. But Poland insists that the Patriot missiles should be used to help create a strategic cover and says the batteries should be located to the northeast of the capital city. Officials in Warsaw claim that by deploying Patriots they will protect the country from Russia, which is growing dangerous due to the deployment of the US ABM system in Poland. Besides signing the agreement, the Polish and US high-ranking officials are expected to adopt a political declaration for both sides to take pledges of close cooperation in the event of a threat by a third country, whether a military or other threat. The third country for Poland can be none but Russia. This serves to prove Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s recent statement on the US plans for expanding America’s ABM system. This is what Medvedev said on the subject.

The ABM forces to be deployed in Europe, Medvedev says, will be aimed in Russia. Also the time for deployment has by no means been chosen accidentally. So, all fairy-tales about deterring some rogue nations are gibberish. Anybody can understand what’s happened, and I have actually nothing to comment on. This is lamentable for Europe, for all those who make their home on the densely-populated continent, but this is not really dramatic. We are prepared to go on discussing the issue in question with all participants. But the decision to deploy ABM missiles has failed to bring quiet, Dmitry Medvedev underscored.

Observers point out that the treaty to be signed in Warsaw later in the day is yet to be ratified by the Polish Parliament and will come into force only when signed by the President. But then the Polish government says it is in no rush to push the treaty through parliament before the arrival to power of the new US Administration. If it is Barack Obama who wins the forthcoming presidential election in the US, the treaty on deploying ABM elements in Poland may really grow vulnerable.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 21Aug08]

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