Cheney chief Russophobia-inciting ringleader around Russia — Kosachev

Chairman of the Russian State Duma on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev (Edinaya Rossiya) charged US Vice President Dick Cheney with attempts to create anti-Russian axes near Russian borders. REGNUM correspondent reports Kosachev to comment Sep 4 on Mr. Cheney's another trip to countries bordering Russia. ''Each time he does it, his aim is obvious: to create anti-Russian axes in our closest environment.''

According to Kosachev, Cheney is, by all accounts, the ''chief generator'' of all recent events in the post-Soviet space. Results of his exploits are expecially vivid in the case of Georgia who, in Kosachev's words, has become ''a rather blind instrument in his hands, in hands of the US hawks.''

In this context, Kosachev says, it is difficult to speak of Georgia's sovereignty. What about other countries which Cheney has already visited or where he is heading, this is ''a most serious test for their own sovereignty.''

Speaking of the situation in Georgia, Kosachev says he is convinced that Tbilisi will attempt to reiterate action that killed so many lives. However, he warns, the reiteration can only bring a result of quite sad for Mr. Saakashvili aftermath of his previous military assault. The support of Geogia by the USA will not stop at providing humanitarian assistance. Tbilisi will receive most powerful support of the west, first of all, aimed at restoration of the Georgian economy, but also a serious help in developing Georgian armed forces — ''allegedly for maintaining that very mythical sovereignty, allegedly, for the defense purposes,'' Kosachev comments. "But we know already how these weapons were used recently, and we have no doubt that the weapons will be further used in a similar manner, at least as long as the regime of Saakashvili rules in Georgia."

This is exactly why Russia will make every effort, including those of military character, to protect security in the Caucasus region, the committee head said. ''The words of the Georgian regime are not trusted any longer,'' he stated. Whatever the Tbilisi's exertion to boost its armed forces, Russia's opportunities will always prevail by several orders of magnitude, the State Duma committee head stated.

[Source: Regnum, Moscow, 07Sep08]

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