Russia Prepares an Appropriate Response to the Deployment of American Missile Defence in Poland

Russia will respond appropriately to the deployment of the elements of the American missile defence system in Poland. Head of the State Duma defence committee Victor Zavarsin stated this.

Victor Zavarzin attended an inter-departmental conference that discussed rearmament of the Russian forces in the Kaliningrad region, the country’s westernmost region bordering with Poland. He reminded that the US and Poland signed an agreement on the 20th of last month to set up an American anti-missile base on the outskirts of the Polish city of Slupska. According to the Russian MP, his country might install new smart weapons in the Kaliningrad region. The issue is being studied now. In short, Russia realizes a statement made by President and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Dmitri Medvedev in an interview with leading television channels of the world.

Dmitri Medvedev says the missile defence and the deployment of missiles and radar on the territories of Poland and the Czech Republic are another move that heightens tension. Russia could consider this only as a move directed against the country, no matter what motives guide the NATO member countries to do so. Russia is briefed about countries which are situated somewhere and pose a threat to NATO. All this is nonsense. These missiles will be deployed along the Russian border and pose a threat to the country. This is absolutely true. In short, this creates additional tension. Russia will have to respond one way or the other and naturally, it will respond militarily, said Dmitri Medvedev.

In response to a question by a journalist about possible deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad Victor Zavarzin admitted that there had been such proposals. But he believes that presently, there is no such need. The decision will be taken by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. However, there is no need to stir up tension over this. In these circumstances there is a need to modernize and make more perfect the weapons systems that Russia has. This concerns weapons deployed in the Kaliningrad region and in the Baltic Fleet. According to Victor Zavarzin, under the government programme to rearm the army and fleet the government plans to spend over 5 trillion rubles up to 2015, but this sum will be increased.

[Source: By Vyacheslav Solovev, The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 05Sep08]

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