Moscow say Georgian attempts to accuse Russia of South Ossetian tensions cynical

The Georgian attempt to shift the responsibility for the crisis in South Ossetia onto Russia are cynical, blasphemous and unfair, Russian State Secretary and Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said.

"There is an impression that emotions again prevail over wisdom in Georgia and important links of the peaceful settlement process go missing.

"This is the cause of the false accusations against Russia, of its alleged loss of the mediating role and cynical attempts to present us as the main culprit in the crisis," he said in response to an Interfax request to comment on Georgian statements.

"The accusations against Russia and its representatives are blasphemous and unfair," he said.

"Our peacekeepers remain the sole guarantors of peace and scrupulously fulfill their duties," Karasin said.

"Militant and curt statements have come from Tbilisi over the past few hours," he said.

"They thoughtlessly accuse us of military propaganda and 'the actual control' over South Ossetia through 'certain officials.'

The Georgian Foreign Ministry is trying to put the blame for the harmful events on Russia," Karasin said.

The only goal Russia has in that region is the end of violence, normalization and negotiations, he said.

"This is the mission of Joint Control Commission (JCC) Co-chairman, Ambassador Yuri Popov, who is visiting the region," Karasin said.

[Source: Interfax, Moscow, 07Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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