Security measures tightened in zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict

 The command of the joint peacekeeping force in the zone of the Georgia-South Ossetian conflict has set up a temporary observation post between Georgian and Abkhazian villages.

"In connection with increased facts of violation of the ceasefire agreement by the sides, the peacekeeping troops of the Russian motor rifle battalion have set up a temporary observation post between the Ossetian village of Andisi and the Georgian Tsveri," said Vladimir Ivanov, the deputy commander of the joint peacekeeping force.

Ivanov said that the command of the joint peacekeeping force had informed the co-chairmen of the Mixed Control Commission of the parties involved in the conflict and the OSCE mission in Georgia.

Five South Ossetian residents and a peacekeeper from a North Ossetian battalion of the joint peacekeeping force were killed as a result of a Georgian fire attack on Tskhinvali and South Ossetian villages in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. Another seven people were wounded. The shooting broke out at 21:00 Moscow time on Friday.

Yuri Morozov, the head of government of the unrecognised republic, had held an emergency meeting with the leaders of the republic’s military and law enforcement agencies to discuss how to provide security for the republic’s residents.

"Our citizens should feel calm but it’s not easy under sniper and mortar fire. But they should know that the republic is protecting them," Morozov went on to say. He added that the Ossetian side intended to give a strong rebuff to Georgia that has launched a sniper war against South Ossetia.

Georgia controls half of the South Ossetian territory, the other half is under the control of the Tskhinvali authorities. Georgian policemen are on duty in the Georgian villages while Tskhinvali policemen patrol the Ossetian villages.

[Source: Itar Tass, Vladikavkaz, 02Aug08]

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