Russian naval vessels arrived at the port of Ochamchira of Abkhazia

Russian naval vessels arrived at the port of Ochamchira of Abkhazia, secretary of Georgia’s National Security Council Alexander Lomaia told AFP, APA reports.

The representatives of the separatist Abkhazian regime also confirmed the fact.

They noted that Russian naval vessels prevented Georgian vessels’ intention to arrive at the port of Abkhazia.

Meanwhile, the armed forces of Abkhazia began to gather in the direction of the Galsk [Gali] region on the Georgian border.

The Defense Ministry of the separatist regime told Interfax that diversions had not ceased on Georgia’s border with Abkhazia, that Georgia increased the number of servicemen in the territory and fired in several directions.

“That’s why additional forces are sent to this territory”.

The Defense Ministry of separatist Abkhazia also said that Abkhazian servicemen had been firing at the upper part of Kodori gorge since morning.

On August 9, Abkhazian separatists said they had launched operations to force out Georgian forces from the eastern part of Kodori gorge. Abkhazian artillery has been firing at the positions of Georgia since morning.

The Abkhazian government reportedly asked the head of the UN mission in Georgia to recall the observers in the Kodori Gorge.

[Source: Azeri Press Agency, Tbilisi, 10Aug08]

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