Russian Military Concerned About US Growing Role in the World

The Russian military believes that in the next few decades the USA will remain the only superpower and will keep its military presence in all the key regions. "The USA will succeed in retaining the position of the only superpower and will continue to influence substantially the development of military and political situation in general," says a draft Blueprint for the Development of Russian Armed Forces until 2030 prepared by the Defence Ministry.

"Taking into account the continuity of Washington's foreign policy and its long-term military construction programmes we may surmise that the USA will regard military superiority as a most important pre-condition for the successful implementation of its foreign political plans," the document says. Interfax-AVN has obtained a copy of this document.

It says that "in connection with this the US military presence will be maintained in virtually all key regions of the world".

The draft blueprint says that in the next 20-25 years a contradiction will remain between the striving by the USA and other NATO member countries to react preventively to threats to their security and the existing principles and norms of international law.

"It should be expected that in order to ensure the legitimacy of its unilateral actions the West will seek international legal recognition of the North Atlantic Alliance as the only organization enjoying the right to use force on the basis of decisions of its own governing bodies," the document reads.


The authors of the blueprint believe that the formation of the military-political situation around 2030 will be influenced, mostly, by the US drive towards building-up its dominant position in the world, a recourse by Washington and its NATO allies to military actions bypassing universally recognized international laws and the weakening of the role of international institutions in settling interstate conflicts and contradictions.

[Source: Interfax Military, Moscow, 02Aug08]

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