Ukrainian Defence Minister Ruled Out Probability of Army’s Involving in Military Settlement of Country’s Political Crisis

Ukraine’s Defence Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov ruled out that Armed Forces may be involved in military settlement of the internal political crisis in the country. He made the statement at a press conference on 9 September.

“I want to calm the Ukrainian people – Armed Forces operate only to protect the country. Involving of Armed Forces in military settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine is the position of irresponsible politicians,” Yekhanurov said.

According to Yekhanurov, the meeting involving Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, which took place at the Armed Forces General Staff on 8 September, considered army-related issues and further military trainings.

Defence Minister said no possible military variants to solve the political crisis in Ukraine were considered at the meeting.

[Source: Trend News, Kiev, Ukr, 10Sep08]

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