Raiders in Action

The synchronously negative reaction of the US and the EU to Russia's recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia dispelled the myth of the disagreements between Washington and the "old Europe" concerning the integration of Georgia into NATO.

On the eve of the EU Summit due to open on September 1, British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs D. Miliband condemned Russia for its policy towards Georgia and Ukraine. He said that the West would not allow the Kremlin to prevent countries such as Georgia and Ukraine from joining NATO: "In NATO, we will stand by our commitments to existing members, and there will be renewed determination that there should be no Russian veto on the future direction of NATO".

As for the "veto", the situation is clear. As many times before, we are going to hear aggressors tell lies about self-defense. NATO was established as an organization with functions parallel to those of the UN, but without China and the USSR, which had the right to veto resolutions in the UN Security Council. "Self-defense" - the containment of "the communist aggressor" - was proclaimed as the NATO mission since, allegedly, the heavily bureaucratic UN was unable to react to aggressions timely.

The Soviet disunion, the fall of the communist regimes, and the dissolution of the Eastern bloc made the actual purpose of the existence of NATO obscenely obvious. NATO is an organization acting as the global raider.

In the epoch when Britain was on its way to the status of the top marine power, the term "raider" used to describe warships which went on missions alone. Typically, their task was to sink enemy trade and logistics support ships. Thanks to Western consultants, the term "raider" lives on in present-day Russia, where it denotes hostile mergers executed by specialists who seize control over companies or assets with the help of deliberately ignited business conflicts. The methods used by raiders are incompatible with the business ethic but are disguised as absolutely legal. They encompass manipulating the public opinion, lobbying, stock market machinations, bribery, and direct use of force. The 1917 Revolution and the disintegration of the USSR have also been the results of raider attacks, but on the geopolitical scale. Raider attacks with the purpose of regime change are known as color revolutions.

Talking to NATO raiders about the international law which they actually seek to undermine is the same as casing pearls before swine. What the global raiders want is to ignore laws, to manipulate you, to seize your property, and to sink your ships, literally speaking. The whole world is watching NATO raiders flock to the Black Sea and cluster in the proximity of the Russian border under a humanitarian pretext. US Army Brig. Gen. John Miller, who is heading the EUCOM Joint Assessment Team, said in an interview to Stars and Stripes that part of his mandate is to be prepared to evaluate the condition of Georgia's military. The US congressmen are stirring up the military against Russia. Brig. Gen. Miller made the statement shortly after Georgia was visited by a US Congress delegation including veteran-Russophobe J. Lieberman. The latter said quite openly that he "would like to see the United States provide assistance to the Georgian military self-defense equipment that will help them defend and deter against Russian aggression in the future", specifically, anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems. What this amounts to is an international provocation. The conflict is being deliberately fueled, but an objective assessment of the raiders' activity can only be found in several little-known media outlets. For example the Italian Il Manifesto or the French Le Grand Soir sided with Russia and called the Italian and French public to influence the governments of the countries. The Il Manifesto military observers told with irony and concern about the "humanitarian relief supplies" for Georgia being activated at Camp Darby, a US Army logistics base located between Pisa and Livorno.

Camp Darby has been the base from which armaments were delivered during the wars in Iraq and Yugoslavia. The supplies for Georgia were reportedly transported by the Fleet Logistic Support Squadron 46 which delivered aircrafts and personnel to Pisa from Naval Air Station Atlanta in Marietta. The names of the generals responsible for supplying toothbrushes, razors, and bottled water to Georgian warriors are in the media. Another part of the humanitarian supplies is carried by sea by the US Navy based in Naples. However, the McFaul destroyer headed for Georgia not from Naples but from Crete. The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Dallas and USS Mount Whitney (the most sophisticated Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence ship in the US Navy) are going to the Black Sea from Gaeta, Italy. After the Enduring Freedom Operation and the involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, Mount Whitney was moved to the Mediterranean Sea and became the flagship of the US Navy's 6th Fleet. We are invited to believe that the ship having the capability to effectively command all units under command is sent to the Black Sea to deliver hygiene items, baby food and care supplies, bottled water, and milk.

Stars and Stripes quoted Brig. Gen. Miller as saying that 70 officers from the squadron under his command have already been to Georgia training its troops when the conflict with Russia began. In other words, they were in Georgia when its army launched an aggression against South Ossetia, of which the US was notified in advance. The situation is of course understood in Russia, but in the West the public is not entirely ready to realize that Western governments are acting as raiders. The Italian observers are explaining to the "unprepared" that the statements made by Brig. Gen. Miller strengthen the case of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder who says the US was aware that the attack was launched by the Georgian side since the US advisers were based in Tbilisi.

[Source: By Irina Lebedeva (USA), Strategic Culture Foundation, Moscow, 30Aug08]

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The Question of South Ossetia
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