United States Drives Wedge Between Europe and Russia

Today US Vice-president Richard Cheney arrives in Kiev on a working visit. Official part of his programme begins on Friday.

Mr. Cheney’s visit takes place against the background of growing instability in Ukraine, probably, this will prompt corrections into earlier agreed agenda. Ukraine is going through the acutest political crisis. The ruling pro-Western coalition comprising blocks of president Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko actually fell apart. In his address to the nation the president accused the Julia Timoshenko block of collusion with the opposition Party of the Regions with a view to staging "constitutional and political coup". He promised to dissolve the parliament and schedule early elections if a new coalition is not formed in the coming 30 days.

In her turn, Julia Timoshenko holds the president responsible for the coalition’s disintegration and condemns him for declaring a war on her personally. The reason seems to be the forthcoming presidential elections. The incumbent president sees Julia Timoshenko as one of his most dangerous rivals, especially now that she actually distanced herself from unconditional support of Viktor Yushchenko who condemned Russia’s action in the Caucasus.

The Ukrainian parliament already approved bills to re-distribute powers between the president and the Cabinet in favour of the government. According to Taras Chornovil, a member of the opposition, in such a way MPs stopped a coup initiated by the president. Mr. Chornovil did not exclude a possibility of creating an interim coalition. Here is more from him.

In that case no early elections will be held because of the coalition’s disintegration. In the circumstances, having a constitutional majority we can form a state structure which we believe necessary.

No doubt, the reason why political contradictions in Ukraine became ever more acute is the developments in Georgia though the roots are much deeper. The gist of the matter is what way Ukraine will choose: whether it will join NATO, the choice the overwhelming majority of the population rejects, or it will be neutral as is stipulated by its Constitution. As is known, president Yushchenko insisted on support to Georgia in its conflict with South Ossetia and condemnation of Russia which stopped the Georgian aggression.

In that case president Yushchenko and his team acted as lobbyists of the United States. US aim is to set up pro-US regimes along the way of fuel transit from Russia to Europe and use those regimes in conditions of growing competition between the United States and "united Europe". Richard Cheney’s visit is actually Washington’s yet another attempt to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. True, one can speak not only of playing up a Ukrainian card by Washington but also of US intention to make Georgia and Baltic states a tool of US policy.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 04Sep08]

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