People's Assembly Holds Emergency Meeting to Condemn Israeli Aggression on Freedom Fleet, Calls on Arab and Islamic Parliaments to Sever Relations with Israel

The People's Assembly held an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the repercussions of the brutal Israeli aggression on the Freedom Fleet heading to Gaza, calling on all Arab and Islamic parliaments to sever diplomatic relations with Israel.

Speaker of the People's Assembly Dr. Mahmoud al-Abrash expressed full solidarity with the members of the Freedom Fleet and the Palestinian people suffering under occupation and siege.

Al-Abrash affirmed that the aggression is part of Israel's aggressive, brutal and terrorist polices, saying "As we call the Arab League to hold an emergency session to discuss the brutal Zionist aggression on Freedom Fleet, we affirm that Syria under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad announces its full solidarity with the Freedom Fleet and its support to the Palestinian brothers in the face of the racist Zionist aggression and its unjust siege on Gaza."

Al-Abrash called on the world to respond to this heinous crime and Israel's other crimes against humanity and against international law and not just by denouncing and condemning, but by taking practical steps that end the Israeli arrogance. He added that the international community's inactivity regarding the Israeli threats to Freedom Fleet encouraged it to perform this crime.

The Speaker called for carrying out all Arab, Islamic and Non-Aligned Movement resolutions to end the siege on Gaza and protect the Palestinian people, saluting the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Turkish people for their solidarity, stances and efforts to support Freedom Field. He also lauded the heroic stance of the activists on board of Freedom Fleet.

Assembly members condemned the Israeli piracy and brutal crimes committed against the Freedom Fleet and the defenseless civilian activist, affirming that this terrorist act of aggression is a crime against all humanity and a blatant violation of international law and all international conventions.

They expressed solidarity with the Freedom Fleet and its efforts for delivering medicine and food to the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza.

Assembly members also called on Arab and Islamic countries to support the Palestinian people and those showing solidarity with them, demanding they take active stances to lift the Israeli siege on Gaza, punish Israel as an entity practicing organized terrorism against humanity, and bring Israeli leaders to trial for their slaughter of defenseless civilian activists.

They concluded by lauding the Turkish people's honorable stances that support the Palestinian cause and reject the constant Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.

Syria, Turkey and Iran to Coordinate in the Face of Israeli crimes against Palestinian People

Syrian, Turkish and Iranian Parliament Speakers on Monday stressed the necessity of continuing coordination and consultation in the face of Israel's repeated aggressions against the Palestinian people in the occupied Arab territories.

Talking with the Turkish Speaker of Parliament Mohammad Ali Shahin, Speaker of the Syrian People's Assembly Pr. Mahmoud al-Abrash expressed solidarity with Turkish people and the families of martyrs who fell in the brutal Israeli piracy crime against Freedom Fleet.

In the same context, al-Abrash and Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council Ali Larijani discussed measures to be taken by the two legislatures in response to Israel's aggressions against Palestinians and the Freedom Fleet.

The three sides agreed on dealing with these measures in the next Asian Inter-parliamentary Assembly (APA) troika which will be held in Tehran on Tuesday.

The Syrian People's Assembly, Iranian Shura Council and Indonesian Parliament will co-chair the troika.

Al-Baath Party Regional Leadership: Israeli Massacre against International Campaign to Lift Siege on Gaza a Crime against Humanity

The Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party on Monday underlined that the Israeli massacre against the international campaign to lift siege on Gaza is a new brutal crime against humanity added to the record of the racist Zionist entity.

The Regional Leadership said in a statement issued on Monday that the crime attests to the arrogance of the Zionist entity before the whole world, targeting civilian activists from all over the world who volunteered to provide people of Gaza with food and medicine.

The statement called on the international community for taking the initiative to confront the Zionist arrogance and compel Israel to implement the international legitimacy resolutions.

It underlined that the only choice for the Arab countries is having a unified stance in face of the new racism and the Zionist's extremism.

[Source: Sana, Damascus, 31May10]

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