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Former US Senator Insists 9/11 Report Implicating US Ally Be Declassified

Current and former members of Congress, US officials, 9/11 Commissioners and the families of the attack's victims want 28 top-secret pages of a congressional report released.

Five months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the US Congress launched a thorough investigation into the incident. While much of the 832-page report can be read by the public, the Bush administration made the controversial decision to classify 28 pages, a decision that has been maintained by the Obama administration. The pages are available, however, to members of Congress. While those individuals are sworn to secrecy, several have come forward saying that the American public deserves to see the 28 pages.

One of the main advocates of said top secret report is Bob Graham, the former Florida governor, Democratic U.S. Senator and onetime chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Graham says the key section of a top secret report he helped author should be declassified to shed light on possible Saudi support for some of the 9/11 hijackers.

Denying discussing the contents of the classified pages, Graham said only that the 28 pages outline a network of people he believes supported the hijackers in the US. He said in the interview he believes the hijackers were "substantially" supported by Saudi Arabia. Graham and others think the reason for classifying the pages was to protect the U.S. relationship with ally Saudi Arabia.

A group of former Senators that included Bob Graham, along with Massachusetts Representative Stephen Lynch and others has already called for declassification of this report in the wake of the wave of terror attacks in 2015. However, Obama administration refused to bow to the pressure. Whether the Government will agree now, remains unclear.

[Source: Sputnik News, Moscow, 10Apr16]

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