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Russia says UN Security Council should ensure Persian Gulf stability - source

Russia proposes to involve the UN Security Council in working out measures to ensure stability in the Persian Gulf region, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told TASS on Monday.

"We had once put forward and constantly introduce amendments to the Persian Gulf zone collective security concept, bearing in mind that the main neighbours in the region are Saudi Arabia and Iran," the source said. "With the participation of the permanent members of the UN Security Council we could actually agree on collective measures to maintain stability and security in this sub-region."

"We condemn attacks on diplomatic missions. We proceed on the basis that the Iranian authorities have taken appropriate measures to detain those responsible and prevent these actions against diplomatic and consular offices of Saudi Arabia in Iran", he added.

In the evening of January 2, crowds of Iranian demonstrators outraged by the execution in Saudi Arabia of leading Shia Muslim cleric Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr, broke into the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and Saudi Consulate in Mashhad and caused material damage to the diplomatic missions. The Iranian police forced the demonstrators by non-violent means to leave the diplomatic missions. None of the Saudi diplomat was injured. The next day, the Iranian police arrested 38 suspects in the attacks.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 04Jan16]

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