Chechen Commander Gelayev Running Drug Trade From Pakistan To Caucasus.

Chechen field commander Ruslan Gelayev has created a stable system of interregional drug trade between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, representative of the regional headquarters for the anti-terrorist campaign in the North Caucasus Col. Ilya Shabalkin told Interfax on Thursday.

"According to rebels, who have surrendered to police, Ruslan Gelayev and his group are based in Svanetia, Georgia. He has friendly relations with a number of regional leaders and businessmen, and he is involved in commerce via dummy companies," Shabalkin said.

Some of Gelayev's rebels are based in the Pankisi Gorge, Ahmet, Duisi and Dumasturi.

"The rebels think that living conditions in Georgia are much better than those in the Chechen highlands. Besides, they receive food and medical aid, which was initially intended for refugees, from international non-governmental organizations functioning in Georgia," Shabalkin said.

[Source: Interfax, Khankala, Russia, 23Oct03]

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