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Oil pumping from Iraq to Turkey discontinued owing to demolition of Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline

The pumping of oil from Iraq to Turkey has been discontinued on Friday owing to the demolition of the Kurku-Ceyhan pipeline.

The Al Sumaria television channel reported that the explosion had occurred in the Fatha-Biji pipeline section, 45 km north of Salah al-Din Province.

The TV channel said the oil company sent a group of experts to the scene of the incident to find out the causes of the explosion and estimate the extent of damaged inflicted. According to preliminary conclusions draw by the commission, "The oil pipeline was damaged as a result of the setting off of an improvised explosive device.

The Al Sumaria reports that it is expected that oil pumping will resume within 48 hours. A source at the oil company emphasized that Ceyhan oil storage facilities now have available over a million barrels of oil and that the explosion would not affect the scope of export in any way.

The Iraqi side says the oil pipeline was targeted by terrorists more than 54 times. This is why Baghdad is planning to build a pipeline branch from Kirkuk to the border with Turkey.

Proceeds from the sale of oil account for more than 90 percent of the budget revenue of Iraq, the world's second biggest exporter of petroleum.

[Source: Itar Tass, Abu Dhabi, 03Jan14]

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