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France's Hollande to reinforce military operation in Iraq

French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday pledged to further boost military offensive in Iraq to combat Islamic State (IS) fighters that seized third of Iraqi territory and many town in Syria, putting the region security on edge.

After heading a war cabinet focusing using on the situation in Iraq, Hollande decided "to strengthen military plan committed in Iraq," without giving further details.

"France is carrying out action in Iraq, following the request of the Iraqi authorities to weaken the terrorist armed movements in the country and allow Iraqi forces to restore stability and security," the president said in a statement issued by his office.

Hollande also reiterated support to the Syrian opposition "by any way," without mentioning the possibility to launch air strikes against Daech group in Syria.

At home where terror risks remain high after Paris intervention in OPEC member country, the head of state said security measures have been strengthened to abort any eventual attack, adding they "will be constantly assessed and adapted to changing circumstances.

On Sept. 19, French jets had launched first air strikes against IS targets in Iraq, a move which ignited terrorism menaces to attack French people and hit the country's interests.

Few days after, a French tourist had been beheaded by a group linked to Daech cell in Algeria.

[Source: Xinhua, Paris, 01Oct14]

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War in Iraq
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