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Dutch leads first air attack on ISIS

As part of the international mission a Dutch F-16 pilot led an air attack of 15 aircraft on ISIS in Iraq, the Dutch defence ministry stated on Monday.

Last Friday, four Dutch F-16s left from their home base in the Middle East for Mosul in northern Iraq to attack targets over the weekend.

The 15 fighter aircraft, including a U.S. B-1 bomber, bombed ISIS ammunition storage complexes and command centers. In addition, an E-3D AWACS, a flying command and control center, was part of this mission.

"The fact that a Dutch mission commander could lead this particular mission is due to the performance of the Dutch since the beginning of mission Operation Inherent Resolve," the Dutch ministry stated.

Last Friday's mission marked the first time since November 1994 that a Dutchman led an international bombing mission. At that time, it was during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina when 40 NATO aircraft, including four Dutch F-16s, bombed Udbina airport in Croatia.

The Dutch government decided to send eight F-16s, of which two were reserve planes, as part of the military mission to fight ISIS in Iraq on Sept. 24.

Up to 380 Dutch soldiers are involved in the operation, 250 for the management of the F-16s and 130 troops to advise and train the Kurdish and Iraqi forces. On Oct. 7 two Dutch F-16s carried out the first Dutch bombardments against ISIS.

[Source: Xinhua, The Hague, 27Oct14]

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War in Iraq
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