Vladimir Putin on attempts to involve world community into ethnic conflicts

PUTRAJAYA (Malaysia), October 16, 2003 (RIA Novosti special correspondent) -- Vladimir Putin has pointed out the attempts to involve the world community into ethnic conflicts, both in the West and in the East.

Speaking at the Organisation of the Islamic Conference summit, the Russian President stated, "stirring up ethnic and religious conflicts is one of the most dangerous threats facing modern society.

"I would like to point out that there are attempts to involve the world community into this artificial conflict, both in the West and in the East," said the Russian leader.

"Some, hiding behind religious slogans, actively conduct a real military aggression against their brothers and allies, fight against legitimate authorities, incite separatism, and commit acts of terror," the Russian President emphasised. "Others use this situation as an instrument of political pressure to satisfy their selfish interests, which have nothing in common either with the interests of Islam, or with the protection of human rights, or with the respect of international law in general," Mr. Putin continued.

"We have plenty of these examples in our country - in Chechnya," he stressed.

However, "it is unlikely that anybody could be more of a Muslim, then Muslims themselves," Mr. Putin emphasised.

[Source: Russian Information Agency (Novosti), Moscow, 16Oct03]

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