"Recent events in Baghdad do not mean the war is over"

Despite the recent events in Iraq the war is not over yet, Russian State Duma Speaker Gennady Seleznyov told RIA Novosti.

According to him, Iraq "did not capitulate or set a white flag and the USA would encounter Iraqi soldiers in the other cities of the country more than once." The USA and its allies were fighting "not only against the Iraqi Army, but against peaceful citizens and journalists as well, and that fills me as a journalist with indignation," said the Russian State Duma Speaker.

Speaking about the Iraqi oil, Seleznyov doubted, that "Americans will give anything away." In his opinion, "the oil issue was the main reason for the war." "Iraq did not pose a danger to the USA, since there had been found neither nuclear nor bacteriological weapons," he noted.

The State Duma speaker is sure that "anyway the future of Iraq will be considered by the UN Security Council." He strongly opposes "the determination of Iraq's future by Americans." "The USA will have difficulties in returning its political face, because the aggressor will be the aggressor," Seleznyov stressed.

Source: Viktoria Prikhodko, Russian Information Agency (Novosti), 10abr03

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