US abandoning 'defence posture'.

Newly-appointed Tasmanian governor and former weapons inspector Richard Butler says the US administration believes it can operate outside the rules when it comes to weapons of mass destruction because it is the world's only superpower.

Mr Butler is to discuss Australia's foreign policy and its relations with the United States following the recent Iraq conflict, at a lecture in Newcastle tonight.

Mr Butler says the United States is currently developing small portable nuclear weapons to use on the battlefield.

"That represents the abandonment of almost half a century of purely defence posture," he said.

"It also represents a departure from the obligation the US has on the non proliferation treaty, which they say should progressively reduce nuclear weapons, certainly not make new ones.

"So if this goes ahead the treaty process will be threatened."

[Source: Australian Broadcasting Company, 26Aug03]

War in Iraq and Glabal State of exception

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