Trial of German Major War Criminals
Opinion and Judgment of the Nürnberg
International Military Tribunal

Dissenting Opinion

Dissenting Opinion of the Soviet Member of the International Military Tribunal, Major General Jurisprudence I. T. Nikitchenko on the Judgment concerning defendants Schacht, von Papen, Fritzsche and Hess and the accused organisations Reichscabinet, General Staff, and OKW.

The Tribunal decided:

(a) to acquit the defendants Hjalmar Schacht, Franz von Papen and Hans Fritzsche;

(b) to sentence the defendant Rudolf Hess to life imprisonment;

(c) not to declare criminal the following organisations: the Reichscabinet, General Staff and OKW.

In this respect I cannot agree with the decision adopted by the Tribunal as it does not correspond to the facts of the case and is based on incorrect conclusions.

International Criminal Court

Published online by Equipo Nizkor and Derechos Human Rights - 27 May 2002
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