2003 Report by the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Theo van Boven


177. By letter dated 2 September 2002, the Special Rapporteur advised the Government that he had received information on Julio Aldana, Sergio Martínez, Juan Carlos Narváez and Tenencio Villanueva, all detainees at the medium security section of Hattieville Prison of non-Belize nationality, who had reportedly been beaten with rifle butts and batons, kicked and punched by prison guards after the latter had discovered that they attempted to escape on 27 May 2002. Three of the detainees were reportedly shot in the leg and one was fired upon at head level, resulting in a superficial bullet wound along the skull. All four were said to have subsequently required medical attention in hospital. In addition to the gunshot wounds and resulting loss of blood, their injuries were described as including severe lesions, contusions and, for at least two of the men, broken thigh or jaw bones. Shortly after the incident, the superintendent of prisons was said to have admitted that the men had been shot but that guards had only fired on them to prevent them from fleeing after they had ignored the guards' orders to stop.

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